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Our Consulting Team

Jimi Ogunnusi | Jane James | Conroy Grizzle

Jane is an intuitive and creative facilitator of change, and an experienced strategic thinker and leader.

She is an experienced manager and development expert who has worked with individuals in a range of settings enabling them to reach their personal and professional potential. As a researcher Jane is developing the use of systemic coaching as a way of allowing individuals to see themselves dynamically within the systems of which they are a part and to seek resolution to problematic issues and challenges.

Jane's extensive experience includes a company directorship and senior management roles within the private and public sectors.

Drive, commitment and creativity are key personal qualities that Jane brings to tasks and processes. She is a natural leader and motivator of others. She has a sense of humour and fun, balanced by a capability to work with rigour and in difficult circumstances if necessary. She has acute intuitive skills and an open, collaborative and developmental approach to working with others.

Jane is also visiting lecturer at the Bristol Business School, where she undertakes teaching, research and consultancy.


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