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Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Years of experience cultivating strategic and business relationships with small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), in particular family owned businesses, has led us to the conclusion that conflict is a natural and inevitable part of peoples working and social lives.

Why do we say conflict is inevitable?

It is inevitable because people have different priorities and goals they wish to achieve. We share diverse thoughts, concerns and perspectives. The human instinct for self preservation and self interest also plays a significant part.

We say that conflict can be positive as well as negative. The distinction between the two rests on whether:

  • We are aware of the conflict (overt or surfaced);
  • We are aware of cause of the conflict;
  • We know how to approach and manage the conflict for all parties concerned.

Our approach is:

  • To create and facilitate a safe, meaningful and productive environment in which these issues can be surfaced and explored. The ultimate aim is to create a ‘win-win' situation/result for all parties involved;
  • To highlight the effect of the conflict on your business's top and bottom lines.

We believe that when managed positively, conflict can be a very effective means of creating change and understanding, not to mention, the creation of highly effective business operations and a focused corporate strategy.

At BQM Consulting we strongly subscribe to the following rationale:

“Listen without being defensive, speak without being offensive”



On the whole, our broad range of business arenas includes the following:

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