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Business Turnaround

The ability to counter and champion the competitive world is largely due to the internal strength and flexibility of your organisation.

Our experience clearly identifies a common trait amongst businesses facing turnaround and crisis situations – it points to the fact that the issues or indeed problems have not appeared over night; they have accumulated over a period of time.

Turnaround situations affect all types and sizes of business, but it would appear that larger companies are the one's utilizing professional help, and not smaller businesses, which need it most.

Years of experience dealing with turnarounds and restructuring businesses has reaffirmed our belief in the need for business leaders and managers alike to face the unique and painful challenges ahead.  

To accomplish turnarounds successfully you need a great deal of energy, self confidence, resilience and the ability to maintain a positive mental attitude every day.   Your employees and other stakeholders look to you for leadership and stability.

Getting to the root cause of the problem and ultimately solving them often requires an outside and objective perspective.   BQM Consulting is highly experienced at providing the sensitive, independent, multi-disciplined expertise and a hands-on approach required to re-structure your organisation and move your company forward in the future.

We urge you not to suffer in silence and abandon your ‘crisis denial' stance. Please remember, “Your smile and the prosperity of your business is our pleasure”  

Please feel free to contact us for a confidential and exploratory discussion about the issues you are facing.



On the whole, our broad range of business arenas includes the following:

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