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BQM Consulting Limited is fully committed to applying the highest levels of ethics and integrity in respect of our clients’ affairs. Enshrined within our business culture and principles of best practice is our unreserved endeavour to put the interests of our clients first and foremost.

Our ethical codes and principles of best practice are outlined below:

  • Utmost in our minds is meeting our clients’ needs and requirements;
  • Integrity, independence, objectivity will underpin our advice, interventions and obligations;
  • When dealing with the affairs of our clients we will endeavour to disclose at the earliest opportunity any special relationships, circumstances or business interests that may influence or impair, or could be seen by our clients or others to influence or impair our judgement or objectivity;
  • Wherever a conflict or potential conflict of interest arises, we will, as the circumstances require, either withdraw from such assignment, remove the source of the conflict or disclose and obtain the agreement of the parties concerned as to the performance or continuance of the engagement;
  • We will not use any confidential or private information about clients’ affairs, elicited during the course of any assignment, for personal benefit or for the benefit of others outside the client’s organisation;
  • Furthermore, it is our policy to treat all information about our clients, sensitive or otherwise, as strictly private and confidential. This policy is also reflected in our deliberate omission of any of our clients’ details from our website.



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