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Creating and Nurturing the Future


Nigeria like many of its African neighbours has continuously struggled to deliver peace, prosperity and real growth to its people. Nigeria's plight is predominantly home grown, with no clear or realistic indication of drastically improving in the near future.

Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and a highly educated and enlightened population. The inevitable questions point to these simple yet powerful words - why, what and how?  

BQM Consulting is uniquely placed to apply its experience and expertise to help 'create and nurture the future' for Nigeria, and in so doing answering the illusive why, what and how questions. The availability of our advice and intervention applies to both the public and private sectors across the entire country.

It's a vision and ambition that we strongly believe can be achieved. The creation of this bright future across all instruments of Nigerian society requires the recognition of a diverse range of issues and a wide range of solutions to effect the much needed changes.

That said one variable and prerequisite stands out above all - the need for 'strong and effective leadership' combined with the appropriate management of the countries resources. This effective leadership should include the merits of competence, ethical behaviour and a selfless vision for the country as a whole. Such leadership isn't the sole domain of a few; it applies to every facet of the country, whether it is at federal, state, local government or even private enterprise.  

Furthermore, truly effective leaders should understand the difference between what should never change and what is open for change. From a cultural perspective, Nigeria is endowed with a wide range of rich and positive cultural assets. By the same token there are a number of cultural behaviours and belief systems that require evaporating into the abyss, never to see the light of day again. In this vain the country's leadership and people as a whole need to learn how 'unlearn the past'.

This period of democracy is the perfect opportunity for the nation's leadership to truly win the 'hearts and minds' of its people for the "greater good for the greater number".

Creating and nurturing the future (on behalf of our clients) is a challenge we enjoy being part of.

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